Long Live the Creatives \\ Kevin Han, Sr. Developer

Kevin Han, Sr. Developer here at Paradeigm takes an unconvential look at the art of coding.  "The best coders aren't the ones who write hundreds of lines of code. The best coders are the ones who can think of everything, and write it in a few lines of code." - Kevin...

Environmental Branding at James Coffee Co. by Paradeigm

Branding by Sr. Designer Alex Policastro. Photos by our newest member Matt Rogers. Enjoy! New 'James at Home' logo for the upcoming Sub Brand at James Coffee Co.  A nice shot showcasing the neon lights, large menu, pour over Menu & iconography. Close up of neon...

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Podcasts for Creatives

"Why the hell haven't I ever known about this, and how many more things like this are out there in this world!". I find myself saying this more often than not when someone brings up a new Podcast that I had never heard about. And after the 4th or 5th time saying that...

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Inspiring Work Environments in North County San Diego

Who wants to go to an office everyday? Why can't work be inspiring? Who decided that cube life is the only life? Imagine a work lifestyle that coincides effortlessly with your overall lifestyle. Think about the potential level of productivity and creativity that...

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A Targeted Ad | A Room of Potential

What if we told you that a targeted ad is much like attending that swanky house party down the street? You’d probably stop listening to this nonsensical talk, but we know you’re curious. So please engage the theoretical side of your brain for the remainder of this...

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Drunk On Lettering

We had a ridiculously fun time hanging out with the talented creatives @phoooebers & @roxyprima of @sandiegoletters. Podcast up on @drunkonlettering and embedded on our blog! "Stephen is a big deal in the San Diego design community. Before starting his own...

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VLOG Teaser | 2017 Getting to Know the Creatives

We don't normally turn the camera around and point the video at ourselves but in 2017 we think it's important to get to know the creatives behind the cameras, the code, and copy. So keep looking out for these awkward Video Blogs, podcasts, and blog posts every week...

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The James Space

Located in the Arts District of Little Italy, a lively neighborhood filled with history and culture; one that breathes life into the city, The James Space taps into something that all of us long for in a meeting space, a daily coffee stop, and place where ideas (brilliant and beautiful ones) just flow.

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