Phase 1: Define your Brand.Phase II: Share your Story


Your brand is your company’s culture in its entirety.  Marketing efforts contribute to a brand, but the branding is bigger than any marketing effort. The brand is what remains after the marketing has swept through the room. Branding is the foundation and principles you build your business on, a direct reflection of everything you stand for. Marketing gains you the attention, while the brand you’ve created is what turns that attention into loyalty.


Brand Voice

Your brand voice, your manifesto. The voice of your brand dictates the creative direction of your brand, far past your logo design. It instills consistency. It’s the thought behind the typography you use on the web and in print, it’s the style of your photos, and the editing of your videos. It’s your aesthetic.

Logo Design & Brand Guide

The logo design process is paired with the brand guide so that there is a clear, consistent vision from day one. The brand guide is a tangible resource to reference as the brand grows and progresses.


Website Design & E-Commerce

Good news, at this point — you’ve defined your brand with a voice and logo. Next, you may need a simple 10 page website, or you may need to sell your products online and in your storefront. What most people don’t realize is that E-commerce in 2016 isn’t much of an added cost anymore, it’s as simple as building a normal site.

Digital Foundation (Previously known as SEO)

Just like building a house, you need to setup your business on the web with a strong foundation. Set it up ONCE correctly, instead of going down the road a few months and wondering why people can’t find you on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, Instagram, or any other digital avenues.

Your Digital Foundation walkthrough & setup includes:

Google My Business Page
Create New Location & Request Verification Postcard
+ Google Maps Verification
+ Google Analytics Setup
+ Google Search Console & Webmaster Tools Setup
+ Google Sitemaps Submission
+ Google Accounts Linking
+ Google Apps for Work
– Verify Domain
– Setup new Users
– Setup E-mail Accounts
Extras Included
+ Yelp Business Account Setup
+ Yelp Business Verification Setup
+ Claim Facebook Business Page
+ Claim Custom Facebook URL
+ Claim Custom Instagram Account
Custom Booklet with all of your Digital Foundation Links & Passwords

Brand Video or Lifestyle Photoshoot

Never underestimate the power of an image. Good photography goes so far because it conveys quality, effort, and emotion. Videos, in the same way do something similar; invoking emotion with music, words, with movement.

Social Media Branding & Launch

*Checks off branding, checks off logo*

Now you know WHY you’re doing what you’re doing and it’s time to share with the world. It’s the perfect time to join the daily conversation of our society. It’s a slang term we call “Social Media.” Sixty percent of the time that people spend on their mobile devices is actually on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more. And as tempting as it is to set up an account and start taking pictures of your cat, we can help you put together an ongoing strategy to benefit the most of being REAL in the social space.

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