Aquarian Drumheads

The Project

Aquarian Drumheads is a company dedicated to the craft of drumming for more 36 years. When they joined forces with Paradeigm, the drumhead company was in need of a digital strategy that introduced their innovative products to the drum industry while igniting a new fire in their most loyal fans. Our focus was to build up their overall social media following and reach. So in July of 2015, we set out to up their social following on Instagram, increase online sales, and help launch new innovative content and products. Fast foward to today, we've grown their 3K Instagram (2015) to nearly 70K (July 2018).

Award-winning Storytelling through Film & Sound

From our experience working on this project, the best way to tell the story of a legendary drum manufacturer is to use capture some amazing audio & films of the artists who love their craft. For more than 3 years, we've worked with Aquarian Drumheads to build their brand through social media. The video below garnered more than 14 million views on Facebook, 1.7 million on YouTube and (not just one but) TWO notable awards in 2017 - Bronze Addy for Film, Silver Addy for Cross-Platform Campaign.

“All at Aquarian take our hat off to you. You and your team have done something we nor anyone has ever been able to do put us on the map.” Ron Marquez | Founder, Aquarian Drumheads