Dempsey Construction

The Project

Dempsey Construction is rooted in the belief that “our work stands in time, long after we have left the buildings we construct, allowing those who live and work in them to become storytellers of their own lives.” Their team is made of some of the most genuine, quality people we’ve ever met. Our focus has been to capture an inside look at the construction process and the stories behind it. For this, we’ve taken an editorial approach to the photography and a documentary-style technique for the films. Here is our way of showcasing the journey, technology, and people of Dempsey in a fresh, new way.

Every company deserves a one-of-a-kind brand film to share their story.

We interviewed the key visionaries at Dempsey Construction to help capture their true side and tell the company's story. Little did they know, we had the cameras & mics rolling the entire time!

"With great content comes the need for a great website." - Paradeigm

We shot a lot of amazing content and needed to design a website that could help show it off. Our dev team built a website that showcases Dempsey's amazing projects, films & photos that the Paradeigm content team captured. For a construction company, we found the films & photos were the best way to really feature the amazing culture & work created by Dempsey Construction.

The people & projects behind the Cities

To capture the beauty created by Dempsey Construction & its building projects, we launched a series of photography, films & blog/social media posts for the company's platforms.

We casually walk in and out of beautiful buildings, everyday. We swing open the doors of our grand office spaces to begin our work day. We retire to beautiful apartment complexes and condos where we enjoy a glass of wine and quality time with the ones we love. We spend the evening dining in beautifully crafted restaurants and we host our lunch meetings inside charming cafes in reclaimed buildings. We enjoy meals, libations, cinematic adventures and even a good nights rest inside these noteworthy spaces each day. We make our life’s memories in these buildings. They’re the set of the movie that is our life. From Dempsey Contruction blog post "Building Cities"