Great Content makes a Great Website.

Great Content makes a Great Website.

There are specific user experience decisions you can make to that can help get your users to your end goal. One simple decision would be to put a large button that says "Contact Us" in the top right-hand corner of your website. It's been proven that that decision alone can help increase the number of leads and sales your business will receive. But to really have your website stand out & come to life you absolutely need GREAT content. You need films that show off your services in a matter of seconds. Photography that makes your brand look highly professional & of course great copy (WORDS) to explain precisely what you do and what you want the user to do.

A film used as a background element can help explain what you do without having to read more than 1 line.

You can probably tell we are badass content creators.


Full bleed images can also engulf your user and bring them into your story. In fact, you don't even need to add any words sometimes to completely drop their jaw! Take for example this photo from a 90+ Cellars Summer shoot. Yes, we probably could have just shown a bottle of prosecco on ice but that really wouldn't invoke this genuine good times, happy colors & fancy hats that really compliment that delicious bottle of prosecco. Once you scroll down the image takes up almost your whole screen and engulfs you (the user) in the story of that awesome pool party.

Hey! Eyes down here, we're almost done I promise! Now, those 2 pieces of content above were used as design elements in this blog post to help (1) give you a break from reading all these useless words and (2) to bring this website to life with a little wow factor. The secret sauce and best form of content are what we call a brand film. It's where we actually get the viewer to get invited into the story you are creating as a business. The brand film brings together sound design, B-Roll, heartfelt interviews that are sculpted into a beautiful story that creates a lasting connection with the viewer. Alright enough with the words. See a few of our favorite films below!

Dempsey Construction

Pop Pie Co.

1904 F.C.

Award winning plead to have a Soccer team in San Diego with 1904 FC