I've had the opportunity to work with Stephen and his team of extremely talented creatives on a few occasions to produce workplace videos designed to "pump up" and excite employees who will be relocating to newly designed spaces. The collaboration between our teams is always amazing. Paradeigm has a great eye and manages to capture our vision perfectly. The work is always clean, crisp, and inspiring. I look forward to future collaborations with the Paradeigm team!

 Paradeigm Films boasts a shooting style that is highly thoughtful and artistic —you can see the attention to detail that goes into each shot.

Never have I met a group of creatives that work as well together as Paradeigm! They are such fun, good-hearted people! I've had the pleasure of working closely with them for about 6 months and have since recommended them to over 10 colleagues, companies, and friends. They make your ideas come to life in a way far greater than what you imagined.

We are super stoked on Paradeigm and what they have created for our company. We interviewed multiple companies, but decided to go with Stephen and his team due to their level of creativity, ability to think outside of the box and unique Paradeigm spin that they possess. Thanks for kicking ass for us and making Dempsey Construction look good!

Thanks to Paradeigm for all the help with my clients in 2016. Not only is your work of the highest quality, your creativity and taking time to understand my customer- the drummer- has made my messaging authentic and receptive. I am looking forward to working closer with you in the coming year to help me reach deeper into the marketplace and expand my customer base and messaging. Thanks!

The Paradeigm team is doing some really creative quality work. They are a pleasure to work with!

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