Enchant your audience with multi-episodic films on social media & beyond

Today your customers & fans want more ways to connect with you, more ways to share your content and more ways to learn about your products, services and/or company culture. A branded docuseries can help you educate, entertain and connect with your customers in deeper ways than photos or sales commercials ever could.

Docuseries Episodes

Some Movement | Brogan Graham | #3

Knockaround Sunglasses

Backbone of Civilization | Tabitha Lipkin | #2

Knockaround Sunglasses

For the love of Drums featuring Joe LaBarbera

Aquarian Drumheads

Beautiful Limitations - Daniel Mansson | LLC Film Two

Long Live The Creatives

Know Your Value - Pandr | LLC Film Three

Long Live The Creatives

Drummers Paradise with Mike Johnston

Aquarian Drumheads

This New Exciting Thing | Dave Adams #4

Knockaround Sunglasses

It was worth it | Something we can all agree on #5

Knockaround Sunglasses

On Decisions | John Brockington | Episode 6

Knockaround Sunglasses

Brand Films

Share your story with your customers

You have an amazing business, but do people really understand all that you have to offer? You know exactly how special your business is, you just might not know exactly how to craft the words to say it. We’re here to help fix that, capture B-Roll, do a quick interview with you, your employees and customers and edit a fantastic story that connects with your audience on a deeper level. These films about who you are, your mission, your story and your culture can be featured on your "About" page, in pitches to future clients, in employee recruitment, in company newsletters and more.

Variety of Brand Films

The Best Building Experience Ever

Del Amo Construction

Commercials & Hype

Scripted Films that help you sell, tell and call to-action.

Commercial Films are the more traditional films you see on television or on paid social media ads. They are meant to quickly explain the value of your product and help your customers make a purchase. 

Commercials & Hype Films

San Diego Loyal 2020 | United Soccer League

San Diego Loyal

San Diego Loyal | Stone Brewing Kit Reveal

San Diego Loyal

San Diego Loyal | For Now. For Always. For San Diego.

San Diego Loyal

Paradeigm Films Process

3 Simple Steps to making your film

Making a film with Paradeigm is a fun & proven process! All films have 3 stages: Pre-production, Production & Post Production. Watch as our Producer Michael Auchard explains the process of bringing your film to life!

Paradeigm™ Films 2020 Reel

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