Paradeigm SQUAD
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Brucher

Stephen Brucher is the founder and creative mastermind of Paradeigm, where he leads a talented team of creatives. A proud Aztec and San Diego State University alumni, Brucher boasts more than 11 years of experience spearheading brand, social media and creative marketing campaigns. Prior to launching Paradeigm, he handled digital, social and interactive branding strategies for Stone Brewing, and most recently served as art director at University of San Diego. Through his award-winning work, Brucher has generated hundreds of millions of impressions, web page views, and revenue by using organic, ‘go-viral’ marketing tactics.

Sr. Interactive Designer
Alex Policastro

Pixel Pusher, code junkie and all around cool dude. Alex is known for his amazing eye; simplifying designs to their most iconic and powerful form, then switching his brain power to developing Shopify stores, pushing git commits to multiple pantheon servers, then finishing the day off with a nice slice of pizza. Eagle scout, handyman, and kickass creative are just a few of his hobbies.

Matthew Clark Rogers

Matt has shot some of the most iconic people and brands around San Diego. With a unique eye for storytelling through Video & Photography Matt’s latest film reached over 7 million views on Facebook.

Sr. Public Relations Strategist
Nickie Peña

A craft beer aficionado, Nickie Peña enjoys telling stories and making meaningful connections with people. She is an award-winning public relations professional, with more than 7 years of experience working in the beer and fermentation industries. Through her work, Nickie has worked with social media influencers, bloggers, industry publications and secured positive coverage in various national outlets, including USA Today, Bon Appetit, Fortune, US News & World Report, Forbes, Travel & Leisure and more. When she’s not busy coordinating interviews and generating creative content for clients, Nickie enjoys listening to Prince and drinking rosé with friends.

PR + Social Media Coordinator
Angelena Lufrano

With a passion for storytelling and a knack for grammar and AP-style, Angelena writes every word, phrase and sentence in the voice of your brand. From the copy for paid social ads and the quick-witted organic posts on your social platforms to the engaging press releases that get your brand great coverage, she's determined to see your brand's story come to life through media.

Lead Developer
Keith Choison

While most people wake up with a hot cup of coffee, Keith wakes up with a nice cold can of Red Bull. He enjoys coding at the office, sipping on a Red Bull and listening to Taylor Swift (the old Taylor Swift, not new).

Lifestyle Photographer
Oveth Martinez

Oveth is an official Paradeigm Creative & Lifestyle photographer/ director. He has developed an ability to capture his subjects in a candid setting, but also exemplifying a personal side of each individual or brand. Oveth has a deep love for traveling and exploring new sites for his personal work and social media.


Account Manager + Producer
Michael Auchard

Michael started his career in production focusing on commercial and branded films. With a keen interest for both business and film he’s found a passion for the Producer role. Outside of work Michael enjoys his iced coffee, landscape photography, and writing.

Hooman Resources

Most likely will greet you at the door with a bark. Handles office morale but isn't great with paperwork.