Stephen Brucher

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen is the creative renaissance man behind Paradeigm Interactive. A proud Aztec and graduate of San Diego State University, Stephen has worked at numerous design agencies as a Developer & Designer and acted as the Art Director for the prestigious University of San Diego. From 2011 – 2014, Stephen lead the digital, social and interactive branding strategy for Stone Brewing Co., the 9th largest craft brewery in the United States. His award winning work has generated millions of impressions, hundreds of thousands of web page views, and millions of dollars in revenue using organic and non-paid strategies.

Alex Policastro

Sr. Interactive Designer

Pixel Pusher, code junkie and all around cool dude. Alex is known for his amazing eye; simplifying designs to their most iconic and powerful form, then switching his brain power to developing Shopify stores, pushing git commits to multiple pantheon servers, then finishing the day off with a nice slice of pizza. Eagle scout, handyman, and kickass creative are just a few of his hobbies.

Lauren Weller

Copywriter / Social PR

Lauren; the reason why everything sounds good. A Midwest gal that grew up spending far too much time playing Oregon Trail, so after years of pretending she was heading West, she decided to do it for real. She’s always been fascinated by how people meet and has collected these stories in her mind. This interest of hers can be beneficial to clients, seeing that Lauren is driven by her genuine interest to get to know them and utilize that knowledge to create tangible evidence in the form of results.

Her guilty pleasures include maple donuts in excess and afternoon naps. Her weekends are filled with coffee shop-dwelling and thoughtful runs at Sunset Cliffs. Her life motto comes from a wise woman featured in Humans of New York who says, “If you force yourself to go outside, something wonderful always happens.”

Matthew Clark-Roney Rogers

Photographer & Filmmaker

Matt has shot some of the most iconic people and brands around San Diego. With a unique eye for storytelling through Video & Photography Matt’s latest film reached over 7 million views on Facebook.

Monica Watson

Account Executive

Monica has worked with some of the world’s largest media companies, sports, and lifestyle brands. Originally from Oregon, she started her career with a bang working with one of the nation’s top book design firms. From there, she began to specialize in managing large print campaigns and branding, web, and video projects. In her professional endeavors, she has always strived to build solid relationships with her clients and colleagues alike-knowing that when people are valued, the beautiful work follows. 

On any typical day, you may catch Monica drinking tea, petting dogs, catching waves at sunset, or experimenting on new cocktail recipes with her husband Michael.

Oveth Martinez

Featured CREATIVE / Lifestyle Photographer

Oveth is an official Paradeigm Creative & Lifestyle photographer/ director based in sunny San Diego, CA.

Kevin Han


Alex Gomez


 Alex is an old soul with a young heart and long time local of San Diego. Basically the hybrid that everyone wants apart of their creative team in Southern California. She spent her early twenties teaching the older generations about social media and the modern marketing world that lives on the interwebs because she appreciates the deep wisdom of the past and is curious about the ever-changing new marketing trends. It was this season of life that she found her absolute love for design and never looked back.

When she’s not soaking in sunshine by the ocean or happily lost in the middle of the many deserts in California, she’s hiding on the north shore of Kauai. Though this life may sound glamorous, Alex truly enjoys the little things in life. She gets psyched over good weather, a nice meal, the roof over her head & quality time with her boyfriend, friends, & family.

Driven by the hope to make the world a less ugly place, Alex is inspired by the life of someone who felt similarly, Thomas Jefferson. Find her designing some of the raddest Paradeigm projects everyday.

GREG saunders 

Account Coordinator

Coffee Nerd, Playlist Maker, and aspiring Whiskey Aficionado. Greg is a recent graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University, where he studied Marketing. Best known for his ability to connect people and foster community, Greg hopes to carry that into his role at Paradeigm. Greg genuinely loves to connect with others and hear/share their stories. He can trace back to his history in coffee, and the community that tends to come with it.

On any given evening, you will probably find Greg roasting coffee in his garage, reading on his porch, or surfing down at Sunset Cliffs.

Jon Brucher

Partner, Director

Mr. Brucher grew up around the entertainment industry and transitioned from being a promising young musician to a music merchandise and management entrepreneur. At a young age, Jon built a popular Southern California lifestyle clothing brand and later sold it to concentrate on building the merchandise brands and E-Commerce capabilities of popular new and well established entertainers. As president of Merchwide Inc., Mr. Brucher understands popular culture trends and contemporary brand marketing techniques. Mr. Brucher’s client focused approach embodies his love for building business and project collaboration.

Amy Concepcion


Amy can design anything you put in front of her, be it a responsive web app or the banner you need hung outside your building. She’s a world traveler and electronic dance music connoisseur.